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We all show our faith to the Lord in our own ways, whether it’s through prayer, through attending Church, or through placing religious statues through our home to let us know that he is with us.
However you practice your faith, and whether you’re looking to buy for the first time or to replace some old items we have a lot of choice for you here. 

Below is a quick explanation of what you will find in this section, so you can be sure to find exactly what you need, bringing you closer to your perfect item.

Christmas- Christmas is one of the biggest times of the year, where our religion is all around us, and is being celebrated by all. And you can join in the festivities by adding one of these statues into your home to show your faith. The different Christmas statues that we have include 50” 11 piece nativity sets, 3 kings, holy family, icy crystal set, stable, animated TV and advent calendars.

Car- hanging charms in your car is also a good way to take the Lord with you wherever you go, helping you to feel safe and watched over. The different styles of car charms that we have include Christ and Crossfishes.

Gift- we also have a range of gift statues that you can give to show your love to some one special in your life, these include angel wing pendants.

Outside- and also, if you are looking to redecorate your garden, and want to add a religious touch, some of the different outdoor items we have include garden crosses, where you can add a plant of your choice to give it a personal touch.

These are not all of the items that we have in our statues section, and if you are looking for something else, or you just want to make sure that you have the best price, head through to the other pages of this section so you can view our full range.

The price range of our statues section starts at $1.99 for our 8" religious 'Follow Him' festive snowman statue and goes up to just $4000.99 for our most expensive 50" large 11 piece outdoor religious nativity scene.
This means that whether you’re looking to spend a lot on your item, or are just looking for a quick bargain to add to your collection, there is something to suit every wallet.


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