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Catholic Rosary Beads

We all show our faith to the Lord in our own ways, whether it’s through prayer, through attending Church, or through carrying our rosary beads.
Others wear this jewellery as a comfort to themselves, a way of reminding themselves that the Lord is with them at all times. 
However you use rosary beads, and whether you’re looking to buy for the first time or to replace some old jewellery, we have a lot of choice for you here. 

Below is a quick explanation of what you will find in this section, so you can be sure to find exactly what you need, bringing you closer to your perfect item.

Material - if you are looking for a particular material for your rosary beads, the different choices you have include wood, gold plat, sterling silver, hematite, eilat and acrylic. 

Style- if you are not interested in the material of your jewellery, but are more interested in the style, the different choices you have include filigree.

Types- If you are looking for a specific type of jewellery,the different types of jewellery that you can buy include bracelets, charms that you can add to a necklace or a charm bracelet and pins, that you can wear on your coat, your bag, or your shirt. 

Items- as well as being able to buy rosary beads already made, we also have a lot of items within this section that will allow you to create your own, giving them a more personal feel to you and a better connection to your religion. The different items we have in this section include two side connectors, pliers, round beads, crosses and stamps.

These are not all of the items that we have in our catholic rosary beads section, and if you are looking for something else, or you just want to make sure that you have the best price, head through to the other pages of this section so you can view our full range.

The price range of our catholic rosary beads starts at just $0.42 for our cheapest Firepolish glass rosary link beads and goes up to just $16.55 for our most expensive Bulkby Darice DIY crafts rosary charm set.
This means that whether you’re looking to spend a lot on your item, or are just looking for a quick bargain to add to your collection, there is something to suit every wallet.

Catholic Rosary Beads

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