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Matrimony is a beautiful thing. It is a way of showing your partner that you are devoted to them and only them, and spending the day celebrating your love together and with your family. 
Whether you are looking for items to buy for your partner, or whether you are looking to buy for a friend’s or family member’s celebration, we have a lot of items here for you.

Below is a quick explanation of what you will find in this section, so you can be sure to find exactly what you need, bringing you closer to your perfect item.

Jewellery- jewellery is always a beautiful gift to buy. This is because it is something that they can keep hold of forever, that it will remind them of you, and remind them of the love that they have for you. The different items of jewellery that we have here includes anniversary, agate cameos, solid polished pendants and cufflinks.

Decor- we also have a lot of items in our decor section, that will allow them to decorate their home with items given by loved ones, creating a relaxed and comforting space in their home. The different items we have here include crystal statues, ceramic statues and embellishment. 

Other- you will also find a range of other items in our matrimony section, that will allow you to find other gifts that you feel suits the couple more. These include tankards, steins, bride/groom design wedding decor, candles and stamps. 

Whatever item you buy from this section, the bride and groom are sure to love it and it is sure to help them celebrate their day and keep them happy and in love. 

These are not all of the items that we have in our quilt squares section and if you are looking for something else, or you just want to make sure that you have the best price, head through to the other pages of this section so you can view our full range.

The price range of our matrimony section starts at $5.67 for our cheapest thee wed resin embellishment and goes up to just $301.99 for our most expensive 14k yellow gold happy anniversary with bride pendant.
This means that whether you’re looking to spend a lot on your item, or are just looking for a quick bargain to add to your collection, there is something to suit every wallet.


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