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In this catagory we offer a great selection of religious candles for you to choose from that would best suit your religous needs.We offer hundreds of different candle products from all of the major retailers and distributers on the market. We offer religous candles bulk. The affordable selection is also top quality to insure the longest relgious candles burn time

Our top item is, The Sanctuary Series, Religious flame gathering permits you to brighten your home with an otherworldly touch. Made of great, strong color paraffin wax, each one white paragon of piety candle has a robust cotton wick to provide for it a long blaze time. The Sanctuary Series is comprised of real religious candles furthermore incorporates going with supplications to God in both English and Spanish. This 12pk of arranged Catholic candles contains four of each of the accompanying blessed pictures: San Judas, the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Sacred Heart. These white candles are an example of piety candles can embellish your home and be lit on uncommon events, for example, blessed days, as each one flame characteristics lovely and suitable pictures.

From the beginning of the Church images were methods for corresponding with individuals of the same convictions without dread of oppression, and large portions of our religious candles reflect this early symbolism. Here we offer the list of religious candles and their meanings in terms of color. This is a very basic overview of the colour meanings, we will soon be updating this information in our blogspot. 


Green candles symbolize thriving, riches (at times), development, life and imperativeness.


The most famous color of flame is white. White symbolizes endless life, light and edification. It is likewise the shade of delight and reckoning when utilized around Christmas.


Red candles are utilized to mean reparation. Love, blaze and energy are additionally symbolized by red candles.


Gold is a shade utilized all through the logbook year to symbolize endless life, delight and triumph. It is additionally frequently connected with eminence or greatness.


Blue candles are frequently utilized as a part of conjunction with Lent and Easter. In a few circles they imply trust or confidence.


Purple or violet candles are images of regret, planning and apology. Purple candles are frequently lit in the religious season of Advent, which is the time paving the way to Christmas. Coming is a season of expectation.

As you investigate the religious candles all through our site, perceive the symbolism present, and their implications as characterized previously. Religious candles are an incredible approach to take in more about and admire the historical backdrop of the congregation. 

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